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Palabra Automation allows you to use your voice to:

Prescribe Drugs in significantly less time than using the keyboard. Simply dictate what you want just as if you were talking to a pharmacist and Palabra does all the work of bringing the data into the chart.

Prescribe a Favorite, Order Set and more

Enter Medications List, including review comment

Enter Diagnosis

Define a Favorite that contains a Dx Code, Morphology and more

Complete and Assign QCLs and manage clinical workflows

Approve all Observations Orders, Assessments, Labs and Vitals for a given day

Authenticate Pharmacy Orders

Automatic Data Coding as you dictate

Dictate Prescriptions, Diagnosis, Allergies, Drugs, Vital Signs, Assessments and much more directly into your document. Palabra figures out what the coded values are and enters them in the chart automatically. This will dramatically cut down the time necessary to document your patient care.